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Marathon Group

Lot2You is a division of the Marathon Group. Marathon Group was formed in 2000 with the mission and purpose to provide high quality Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) Administration for direct marketing companies and automotive dealers. Soon after inception, Marathon Administrative Company organized insurance operations to underwrite VSC’s and continued to expand claims administration services, recognizing unmet opportunities in the market to provide a higher level of client and customer service, and to support clients’ objectives to attract and retain long-term customer relationships. Over the years, as the company expanded into additional markets, it acquired or formed customer contact centers and a Premium Finance company, Sparta Capital Management. Today the Marathon Group of companies are licensed to operate across all 50 United States and Puerto Rico.  

The company was originally founded by JP Bryan, his son John Bryan, and co-founder Allen Kreke, who joined from Underwriters Insurance Company with extensive experience managing insurance and service contract operations. The founders today include Shelby Bryan, JP’s brother, and all continue to serve as Board members.  

Marathon Group has distinguished itself by being an innovative and trusted partner of corporate clients who share its customer-centric values to develop long-term relationships. The company prides itself as a premier provider of automotive and ancillary vehicle protection products and B2B marketing programs that promote customer acquisition, retention and client profitability. This is the platform from which Marathon Group has designed unique programs for Professional Employee Organizations, the Rideshare market and other retail channels within the automotive industry. Marathon’s management team have essentially leveraged their extensive knowledge and experience in month-to-month subscription-based warranty products, to create revolutionary low-cost VSC programs that are disruptive in an otherwise mature business, to further differentiate itself from mainstream competition.  

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Marathon Group

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